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Fact or Fiction? eLearning
Do casual workers accrue Long Service Leave in NSW? Do all retail shops have to close on restricted trading days? Have you ever been told by a friend or colleague that you were required by law to give three warnings? Have you also been told that because it is a trial there is no payment required? This webinar will go some way in dispelling these and other myths to do with workplace law. Find out what's fact and what's fiction.
Long Service Leave Workshop Face-to-Face
Most private sector employees in NSW still receive their rights in relation to long service leave under the NSW Long Service Leave Act 1955. This presentation will explain the relevant provisions in the NSW Long Service Leave Act 1955 and what is meant by the term pro rata long service leave. Guidelines of things to consider in determining whether an entitlement may be due will be provided. This information will assist employers in responding to claims by employees for long service leave and pro rata long service leave. Questions to consider are do casual employees accrue long service leave and how is long service leave paid. So join us to clarify your questions about when long service leave applies.
Paying Employees in NSW Face-to-Face
Calculating wages and entitlements can often be a complex and confusing task. Issues such as calculating overtime, shift penalties and allowances are not always straightforward. These issues are the responsibility of the employer but in most instances it is the accountant, bookkeeper or payroll person that undertakes the initial calculation. This session will help you better understand how to pay leave entitlements, understand your obligations regarding record keeping, providing payslips and other issues relevant to your role.
Performance Management Face-to-Face
Are you worried about unfair dismissal. If you're an Employer, a manager or a supervisor you might find reviewing and managing the performance of your teams to be one of the least pleasant aspect of your role. Effective performance monitoring and management is part of the process for achieving these goals. Join our workshop to discover the steps in making this process easier and less stressful for everyone involved. Please note this is a paid workshop.
Recruitment, Engagement and Retention Face-to-Face
Do you need to improve employee engagement? Are you recruiting the right people with the right capabilities?. This workshop gives you the guidelines to confidently recruit, promote retention of talent, foster loyalty and improve HR practices. Please note this is a paid workshop.
Rights and Responsibilities for Employers in NSW Face-to-Face
There are many myths surrounding workplace law and dispelling fact from fiction can at times be a daunting exercise. Working through the various layers of employment legislation can be confusing for employers. This workshop helps employers better understand their responsibilities and the rights of their employees and as well being aware of their obligations relating to leave entitlements and workplace arrangements.
Taxi Industry Face-to-Face
If you are an owner, operator or driver of a Taxi operating in the Greater Metropolitan Transport District (Sydney) then this workshop will provide all the details about the minimum taxi industry terms and conditions that must be met. This workshop provides detail regarding obligations under the Taxi Industry(Contract Drivers) Contract Determination 1984, including detail relating to bailors and bailees, different types of payment methods, record keeping requirements and annual, sick and long service leave requirements’